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Memorandum of Conversation T SUBJECT:


DATE: October Ij.s: 1960


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Meeting with representatives of the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council regarding tactics at current session of the General Assembly Pr



Mr, Lubomyr O. Ortynskel ) of the Foreign Representation Mto Myroslaw Prokop : c ) of the Supreme Ukrainian ) Liberation Council Mr. (melan Antonovych mr. JohniMikcSweeneys Directors Office of Soviet Union Affairs Mt, D.E. vBosters SO?

American Hmbassys Moscow

EUR . 2 (1 cc) SO? 5 ( 2 cc) TO NB RSB

INR - Mr. Bartlett Wells-7


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Messrs, Ortynskyjs Prokop andAntonovech called on Mr. McSweeney by appointM ot today to present the views of the Supreme Ukroinian Liberation Council regarding a rebuttal to Soviet pre.aganda operations in the current session of the United Nations General Atsenbly. Mr, Prokop referred to a resolutions a copy of which is attached whi-t he recomnended be submitted to the General Assembly s proposing an immediate examination of the situation in the Ukraine and ceiling upon the -Soviét Government to remove Soviet army and police units from the Ukraine inOrder that free elections might be held there under United Nations Mr Preko0 coneedelnlaat iT en if passed such a resolution would be atS/said he fat it woulds nev heleses create dieregirded by the Seviet a favorable psychelogi al climate both in the Ukraine and in the world at largea He said it would answer effectively both Ehrushchev and the Ukrainian delegation to the United Nations which were trying to make the point that the Ukraine was a sovereign state owing its independence to the Communist Partys and that the only enemy of the Ukraine was the United States which was attempting t ensl a it Mr, Prokop suggested that we could very effectively challenge the credentials of the Ukraini delegations pointing out that the Ukrainian regime bad none Of the attributes of independence s maintained ne etbassiess eonducted foreign trade and was i general entirely subordinate to the Soviet Goverm-Mit a Ortyniskyl reviewed the activity of the Ukrainian delegation to Netioht over the years ,, indicating that it had clearly been atloig, re)10 to influence colonial nati ns and w s continually coming t Indonesia and Other former colonial today by the head Of the Ukrainian occasion to counter Podgorny's statemente

jFIe Jie summ 'iced the sament made Pdgornt dgorny F, anA uTp that w rit takt FOR COORDINATION


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Mr. NeSweeney said he was pleased to have the opportunity to hear the views of the repreeentatives of the Supreme Ukrainian Liberati Council. He indicated that we generally agreed with the point of view whi* they had expresse4 9 with certain technical re ervations. He thought 9 for example 9 that we Should keep in mind that it was not desirable to lev te Podgorny g s status by responding directly to hirn that we preferred to treat him a simply another one of the Soviet spokesmen. He entirely agreed that it was desirable and necessary to rebut the Soviet position on colonial regimes 9 and said that we were undertaking an edu a. tional campaign in the United Nations to this end. We had welcomed the inscription of the Soviet item on anti...colonialism and felt that this would be a good item in which to make an effective case against the Soviets themselves. This was a twoe fold operation -- in the first place we needed to rebut the Soviet charges of Western co3,onialism 9 and seeondlye we needed to bring out the fact that it was the Soviets themselves who were the modern de, colonialists. In doing this however we would not want to exclude the other countries which were the victims of the goviet colonial empire in order to conoentrate solely on the Ukraine. He said that in this connection we would welcome any material that the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council could supply which might be used in ,sur argumentation. (Mr. Prokop left with Mr. McSweeney two memoranda for this purpose.) Mr. Ortynskyj recalled the uneuocessful attempts made in 1947 and 1952 by the British Government and the Sudanese Government ., respectively e to establish diplomatic relati a with the Ukraine. He thought such initiatives were weleomed by the Ukrainian leaders 9 who desired broader contacts with the outside arid that they eesuld help to exacerbate relations b tween the Ukrainians and the Soviet Communists'. Mr. McSweeney agreed that thesc were interesting proposals, but pointed out that they also had the disadvantage of appearing to confer recognition on Ukrainian sovereignty and thus cut across the other bjective of demonstrating to the people were under the domination of Moscow. of Africa and elsewhere that the Ukraini

At tachment s8

As stated. •


Attachment - 1 September 30 0 1960

Your Excellenoys In his address to the XV UN General k;sembly on September 23a 1960 0 the Chairmen of the Council of Ministers of the USSRa Mr. N. S. Khrushcheva proposeda among others that the General Assembly dopt the following resolutions •

grant immediately to all colonial countries a trusteeship territories and other n4n.-4elfgenvening territories complete independence and freedom IMO

the building up of their own national States in conformity with the freely pressed will and desire of their peoples."

In connection with the above we have the honor to ask you to propose to the General Assembles, an immediate examination of the situation in Ukraine whin.h lost its national independence as a result of armed aggression of Communist Russia in the 1917 to 1918 period and which still remains in colonial captivity0 We partieularly request that you propose to the presently convened General

Assembly to adopt a resolution calling upon the Government of the USSR to remove from Ukraine its of the Soviet Army and Political Police and to permit the holding in Ukraine of free democratic elections under the snervision of the United Nations to enable the people of Ukraine express their true wishes.

We Wish to asabre yon a' Youelkeellencya of (ciar readiness to submit ekhatnitive source materiel and evidence at your requestillustrating the colonial Onalevement'of . Ukeiine by Communist Russia during the tonrOe Of the last fortythree Yearba And documents proving that the Ukrainian people are engaged in a ceaseless struggle for their national independence. Respectfully yoursa

PhD, D.A. (Rev.) Ivan Chairmansa Foreign Representatinn

Supreme Ukrainian Liberatio • Council

Mykola Lobed Secretary-General for Foreiee Affaire Supreme Ukreinian Ldberation Council


OFFICIAL USE ONLY Attachment-2 SUPREME UKRAINIAN LIBERATION COUNCIL Secretariate -General for Foreign Affairs 875 West End Avenue New York 25 0 N.Y. esnowale

Tel. MO 30.8461 EARMARKS OF THE COLONIAL ENSLAVEMENT OF UKRAINE I. Ukraine was the first country to fall victim to the unprovoked aggression on the part Of communist Russia in December 1917. The Russian communists önbarked OnOn- arMed - aggreeSion after they had reeeived only 10% of the total Vottain- Ukraine in the election to the All-RUSsian Constituent Assembly, The War Of the - ROA= communists against the Ukrainian National Republic went on for three years.

Following the defeat of the Ukrainian National Republic in 1920, the resistance of the Ukrainian people continued for several more years, first in the form of armed uprisings, and later in a legal struggle, particularly in the field of culture, literature and economics. During World War II and following the war until the middle 19508 the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was active in Ukraine, fighting for the independence of the Ukrainian nation at first against the Nazis, and later against the communists. In order to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people, communist Moscow employed a rule of unceasing and ruthless terror, manifested in particular in the following formes (1) In the early 1930s Moscow organised an artificial famine in Ukraine which claimed at least five million Ukrainian peasants as its victimsg (2) The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was simultaneously destroyed by force and subjected to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. Thou oandS of Ukrainian clergymen, from Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivs o kyi down, were liqw, (3) This was alSo the time of the liquidation, arrest or thousands of Ukrainian intellectuals in the field of culture, ouch ae W!4-i poets, and artists, 16 the city of Vinnytaia alone, during tha yeari:q 1937 and 1938 the NKVD executed and buried in common graves ten thound P -rainians,„ The bodies were discovered during the Getman oempatima a Ukral-


OFFICIAL USE ONLY - Attachment - 2 (4) The elite personnel among the Ukrainian communists also fell victim to these mass purges in Ukrainea Moscow accusing them of "national communism' (5) In 1946 the Russian communists liquidated and decreed illegal the Ukrainian Catholic Church which was beaded by a Metropolitan and 8 bishops !, with over 3 9 000 clergy and 4 million faithful. All bishops and a majority of the lower clergy were arrested and deported. Metropolitan Iosyf Slipyi is the only one alive from among the higher Catholic hierarchy.

The colonial position of the Ukrainian people is evident from the following particular-88 (1) Although the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic is formally a sovereign states it lacks some of the Nada:mental attributes of sovereignty, and in particulars (a) All power in the USSR is actually in the hands of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union which is a centralized and totalitarian partya acting through its branches in the noneRussien republics of the USSR. Thus s the so called organs of suprem power in Ukraine as the Supreme Soviet or the Council Of Ministers of the Ukrainian savaare only organs carrying out the orders and instruction received from Moscow. (b) The Ukrainian SSR has no diplomatic missions abroad with the sole exception of a permanent delegation t© the United Nations. Feelers put out by the United Kingdom in 194ea and attempts of Sudan in 1956s to establish diplomatic relatiens with the Ukrainian SSRa were rejected by Moscow. (c)

The Ukrainian SSR has no armed or defensive forces.

(d) The budget of the Ukrainian SSR constitutes an integral part of the budget of the USSRs and the governme t of the Ukrainian SSR has at its disposal only the appropriations reserved to it by the government of the USSR. Ukraine has no state banks eurrencya or even postage stamps. Ukraine cannot directly engage in foreign tredea and the Ukrainian economy . is subject to continue one exploit tion on the part of the ter in Mes-ew. (2) The Russian communists are adhering to a steadfast policy of dep tation of Ukrainians fr their native lands and settlement of Russian colonists in Ukraine. This colonial policy is clearly reflected in the figures of official Soviet stetistics. Where e betemen 1926 and 1959 the eber of Ukrainiana in Ukraine indreased from 28.9 million to 32.1 milliens the number of Ruent: ee.11 Ukraine inbreased fro 2.6 million to 7.9 milliaa. At the peteere Russian constitute 16.9% of the population of Ukraines as egainee e 1926. Especially late numbers of Ukrainians Are currently eeeng Tee,:ete shipped to the virgin lands of K akhstan.

cFiel*L U8



Attachment - 3

SUPREME UKRAINIAN LIMATION COUNCIL Secretariate-General for Foreign Affairs 875 West End Avenue New York 25 9 N.Y. Tel. MO 3-8461 October 4a 1960 MEMORANDUM The XV Session of the United Nations General Assembly currently held in New /ark is being subjected to a wide propaganda campaign on the part of the delegation of th USeR and its satellitese with the purposes, among others of convincing the worlds, and especially the Asian and African nations that only the USSR and its bloe are the true defenders of peace and of the ideals of national and social freedama while the Western powers and particulmay the United States, are labelled as enemies of peace and defenders of colonialism. The delegation of the Ukrainian St is one of the active spokesmen of the propaganda campaign of the Soviet bloc. Ira attacks are primarily directed against the United States for its alleged hostility against the Ukrainian people and other peoples of the USSR. The delegates of the Ukrainian St present themselves deleg tea of an allegedly sovereign Ukrainian nationa and make attempts to prove that the national question has been justly and succe sfully solved in the USSR. Thus far these attacks launched by the delegation of the Ukrainian SSR against the United State and the West have not been answered on the forum of the United Nations. Aa results, there is an impression among some nations of the Afro-Asian bloc that these allegations are based on the truth. Moreovera if it is taken into considerati that the addresses delivered by the delegates of the Ukrainian SSR in the UN are given wide publicity in the Ukrainian Soviet proses, the Ukrainian people might else get the impression that the United State either does not wish to answer these ace 'biome or else does not possezo the required arguments for an anewer. Und thee* circ stances the silence n the part of thn other Western deleg tee in the UN on the Ukrainian problem facd., pre.aganda campaign of the delegate of th Soviet bloc. In this conne aJoion there arise immediate need Pf envforum f the United Nationg on the part of the deltig and of the other free Fwtign4 along the fal4w

nn. the

State s

OFFICIAL, US Z ONLY - 3 Attachment - 2 (3) The Russian communists are engaged in an increasing Russification of

all sector of life in Ukraine, In most of the trade schools in Ukraine especially in the field of natural ciencess instruction is in Russians from Russian textbooks * All the leading newspapers and magazines in Ukraine are

siatataneously published in Ukrainian and Russian * Newspaperss magazines and boas in Ukrainian are deliberately-printed in limited editions s unlike their Russian counterparts*

(b) in Ukraine s as in the whole Soviet Unions there is a continuous propaganda of the superiority of the Russians as a races and glorification of every thing Russian* At the same time even the slightest attempts of the Ukrainian writerss schaaras historians and artists to preserve the national roots of Ukrainian spiritual life and to develop Ukrainian culture and literatures are subjeeted to relentlees attacks by Moscow and labelled as manifestations of "Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism," The methods of ruthless terror used by RuesianComenniuts against any signs Of the Ukrainian liberation movement were *Plaited9 itiong others,, in the litter Written by Ukrainian political prisoners from the Soviet concentration camps in the MOrdovian ASR * This letter was successfully 'waggled out of the Soviet Union in 1,955 0 and it was submitted to the Gemmittee on Human Rights in the United Nations*


The Ukrainians and other peoples of the USSR are deprived of all beats

Cita libertiOAS particularly of the freedom of speech 9 of the prese t, religions

assembly and association*