BJEC2ASINS -BABIAK, Maria Retuned from a tour of Ukraine • She travelled with a group of 32 Ukrainian progressives from Winnipeg, Canada. The trip las...

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BJEC2ASINS -BABIAK, Maria Retuned from a tour of Ukraine • She travelled with a group of 32 Ukrainian progressives from Winnipeg, Canada. The trip lasted from 20 September 1960-21 October, 1960. In Moscow she tried to get permission to visit her relatives in 2P- 3. - 4 o II— MD 4..3 V.4 OM I= Mt OM WO eqfr 446

the village of Kolinky, Raion Horodenka, Stanislav Oblast. She was told

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that her tour has been planned and that no permission will be issued, For

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few days she



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not given a pamission. She was told that she should have

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applied for such permission in Canada, to which she replied that the Soviet


Embassy advised her to apply for such permission in Moscow, which was true.

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Finally she thretened that she will not continue on the tour from Moscow

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unless she gets such permission. She would rather go back to Canada right away. This probably convinced the authorities in Moscow and she received a permission to visit Kolinky. She went to Lvi* where she was visited by her relatives from Kolinky and accompanied by them she went by oar to KolinkY and etave4 tilere for 10 days. She was very disappointed in the situation in the village and that of her family. From her relatives she learned much about the struggle of the Ukrainian underground in the area. She has learned that in the village of

of POTOCHTSKA,Horodenka rayon 4 members of the underground surrendered as late as 1959. Because the area was infested by partisans many people were arrested and deported. Subjects own sister and brother were deported to Siberia in 1945. They have the right now to come to their village for a visist but do not get a permission for permanent residence. The group of progressives of which Subject was a part Was shown in Kiev 3 films s one about the struggle against the Petlura and Ukrainian partisans in 1922, the other about the late Metropolitan Sheptytekyi and the third about a court trial of OUN-OPA members.

page 2 Subject remembered the following dialog from the filmed trial of UPA members: CI: For what did you fight? AsFor the Ukrainian independent state Q : You have been killing peopie A I No, we have been killing enemies Q I Wow did you kill them ? A We Shot them and we dro ed them Q $ Did you prey? A a Yes, we did Q Sow did you prey? A :In the morning and in the evening we asked God to help us in our great cause Q I Could you tell us the words of your prayers? A : I was raised under the Soviet system and I do not know how to pray, but I only repeated "God t help um"

The group also made a trip to Zapor

. It was strictly for-

bidden to OhotograPh anything there. The Intourist people informed them that a permission to visit Zaporothe was isseued for the first time. In the city she noticed que4 of shoppers. Starting the tour the progressives in the group were very confident. On the way back most of them were very "thoghtful" and some of them even critical of the Soviet system. Subject was approached by the leader of the group and was advised to say good things about the "Ukrainian state". It was also suggesed to say to inquireing people in Canada that "everything is improving and becoming better".